PX-R412Ci PlexWriter by Plextor (dist: MMR) ... Links to drivers and reviews.

PX-R412Ci PlexWriter

is manufactured by Plextor (dist: MMR)

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May appear as PX-R412Ci PlecsWriter or PX-R412Ci PleksWriter or PX-R412Ci PlecksWriter or PXR412Ci PlexWriter or PXR412CiPlexWriter or PX-R412Ci Plex Writer.

Note: Quickerwit provides links to used and refurbished units, spare parts and repairs on Ebay. Components include hard drive, CD-ROM drive, DVD drive, motherboard, power supply, keyboard, memory, RAM, battery and mice. Follow link to manufacturer homepage for drivers, bios updates, technical support and manuals.

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