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Portable PCs

586/Pentium - 75-100MHz)

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Accura 5000 P90 by Adams Technology

Accura PortablePlus P100 by Adams Technology

ACi 7600 P90 by Allied Computer Industry (ACi)

AJP 7670D by AJP

Amethyst by Allied Computer Industry (ACi)

Aries Perfecta Port. P75 by Watford Electronics

Armada 1100 P75 by Compaq

Armada 4100 range by Compaq

Ascentia 950N P75&90 by AST Europe (owned: Samsung)

Ascentia J range by AST Europe (owned: Samsung)

Ascentia P range by AST Europe (owned: Samsung)

Calibre P100 by Opti International

Carrera Explorer range by Carrera Technology

CF-41 P75, P90 & P120 by Panasonic Business Systems

Clevo 7600 P75 by Centerprise International

CTX EzBook Gold Cx586 by CTX (Chuntex)

DFI Explorer P90 by DFI

Dossier Adv Sound P75&90 by Viglen

Dossier CD P100 & 133 by Viglen

Dual P5700 by Dual Group

Dual Pentimedia PT5000 by Dual Group

Echos Pentium range by Olivetti

Elonex NB-500/I P75/P90 by Elonex

Elonex Pro 410CDT P90 by Elonex

Enact 5400 P90 by Enact

EnergyBrick 75, 90 & 120 by Ergo Computing

ErgoLite 75 by Fujitsu-ICL

ErgoLite s90CD by Fujitsu-ICL

Eurocom 9600 P90 by EuroPak International

Extensa 510 P100 by Texas Instruments (TI)

Extensa 550 CDT P75 by Texas Instruments (TI)

Extensa 570 CDT P100 by Texas Instruments (TI)

Globalyst 250P P75 by NCR / AT&T GIS

HiNote Ultra II by DEC (Digital Equipment Corp.)

HiNote VP range by DEC (Digital Equipment Corp.)

Latitude XP 100SD by Dell Computer

Latitude XPi P100SD by Dell Computer

Latitude XPi P75 by Dell Computer

Latitude XPi P90T by Dell Computer

L-PAC 586 by Dolch

LTE 5100 P75 & P90 by Compaq

Minstrel XP96 3CD by HM Systems

Minstrel XPeco Elite P90 by HM Systems

Mitac 5021, 5023 & 5024 by Mitac

MobileLine P75 & P100 by Tulip Computers

Ninja-P90 by Mitsubishi Electric

NoteMaster Sens800 range by Samsung Electronics

Notino PM75 by Hi-Grade Computers

OmniBook 5000CT & CTS 90 by Hewlett-Packard

Opti 751 P90 by Opti International

P133/ACP by Bitwise

Pantera P90 by Opti International

PCD-5ND P5 by Siemens-Nixdorf

Pentium Soundx by Sceptre Technologies

Pico Mobile Pro P100 by Pico Direct

Portege 610CT by Toshiba

Portege 620CT P100 by Toshiba

PrintBook P90 & P120 by Canon

Rock Virtuoso range by Rock Computers

Satellite 100CS P75 by Toshiba

Satellite Pro 400CS &CDT by Toshiba

Satellite Pro 410CDT P90 by Toshiba

Scenic Mobile range by Siemens-Nixdorf

Slimnote 810CX P100 by Twinhead

Slimnote 875CX & TX P75 by Twinhead

Slimnote 890TX P90 by Twinhead

Slimnote P5/60 by Twinhead

Solo range by Gateway 2000

T4900CT P75 by Toshiba

Tadpole P1000 by Tadpole Technology

ThinkPad 365 5x86 by IBM Hardware

ThinkPad 560 P100 & P120 by IBM Hardware

ThinkPad 755CX P75 by IBM Hardware

ThinkPad 760C/CD/CDI by IBM Hardware

TravelMate 5000 by Texas Instruments (TI)

TravelMate 5100 P90 by Texas Instruments (TI)

TravelMate 6000 range by Texas Instruments (TI)

Vale Voyager II P90&P100 by Evesham Micros

Versa 2000C by NEC

Versa 4000C P75 by NEC

Versa 4050 P75 & P90 by NEC

Versa 550D Cx5x86 by NEC

Versa P/75 range by NEC

Virtuoso 75 by Compusys

Z-Note GT P75 & P90 by Zenith Data Systems (ZDS)

Z-Note MX P75 by Zenith Data Systems (ZDS)

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Portable PCs - 586/Pentium - 75-100MHz).


















May appear as 586/Pentium - 75-100MHs) or 586Pentium - 75-100MHz) or 586Pentium- 75-100MHz).

Note: Quickerwit provides links to used and refurbished units, spare parts and repairs on Ebay. Components include hard drive, CD-ROM drive, DVD drive, motherboard, power supply, keyboard, memory, RAM, battery and mice. Follow link to manufacturer homepage for drivers, bios updates, technical support and manuals.

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